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The Los Angeles MAP Committee will be meeting next week with a topic that should not be missed.

Noal McDonald will be presenting on the topic of Millennials in CPA Firms.

There will be two meetings, one in Westwood (Wed 1/24 at Noon) and one in Woodland Hills (Thurs 1/25 at Noon). The content will be identical.

Please RSVP using the link below as space will be limited.

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Woodland Hills Details



Revolutionary Conversations Make It Happen!

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Helping people connect to create infinite possibilities.

The truth is that business doesn’t succeed unless conversations do. You’ll learn new ways to engage co-workers, generate extraordinary ideas, grow and thrive through powerful conversations throughout the organization.

The simple, easy to remember Tools in Revolutionary Conversations™ can bring out new potential in every interaction.

Find new ways to energize your career or your business now!

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Revolutionary Conversations ™ can supercharge a company’s collective wisdom and assets.

There’s a “quiet crisis” in business today that’s blocking opportunity and success and costing businesses billions. Actively disengaged employees erode an organization’s bottom line, while breaking the spirits of colleagues in the process. You see it in reduced productivity, increased customer complaints, decreased team cooperation, and frequent conflicts. Whether you’re a business owner or a team member trying to be successful, this environment of disengagement can take a tremendous toll. It can mean the difference between success and failure for individuals and businesses.

Revolutionary Conversations ™ can combat this quiet crisis by dramatically changing a business’s landscape, transforming a negative business culture and empowering individuals to work more effectively.

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The S.H.A.R.E.™ Tools – a simple and elegant way to navigate through any conversation from the shop floor to the board room; at work and at home; to solve problems or to drive innovation. The Tools are easy to use and remember and blend seamlessly with everyone’s communication style.

  • When you use the Tools, you’ll find that projects run smoother and more efficiently because you can ensure that everyone understands their roles and expectations.
  • In difficult conversations, the Tools give you a way to diffuse emotions and create a safe place for honest conversation to take place.
  • By their very nature, the Tools create an atmosphere of engagement. As you use them you will be more engaged and so will your partners in conversation.
  •  The Tools’ ability to engage everyone opens the door for extraordinary collaboration and innovation by establishing a non-judgmental environment where all participants share their experience and wisdom.
  • And they are contagious – as you use them you will find others around you picking up the basics and helping take the conversation to a more dynamic level.

Business and life work when conversations do. The S.H.A.R.E.™ Tools can make every conversation a powerful connection for mutual success and allow us to make life affirming connections between ourselves and others .

How Revolutionary Conversations can help your business!

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“Even if your bookshelf is packed with business management and ‘how-to’ leadership classics, you should read and apply the principles of Revolutionary Conversations™. If you want to motivate, inspire, or collaborate with others, it is chock-full of ideas that will prove infectious.”

—Steve J. Bonser, business writer

"Revolutionary Conversations™ features just the level of expertise needed to assure readers of the program's validity and real-world applications.
There are plenty examples of such throughout the book, demonstrating how these Tools can fit into and change virtually any conversation, from business to personal." Read more.

Diane Donovan, Donovans Bookshelf



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